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Award-winning Debut Book
from J Hall

Available now in paperback and ebook

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God Help Me! I'm a Young Dad

God Help Me! I’m a Young Dad presents ten big ideas for dads who desire to become the father God wants them to be. Full of stories, encouragement, and practical application, this book equips young fathers to develop these essential characteristics in themselves and model them for their children while also helping those children begin the process of developing these traits in their own lives. Written for dads with kids from birth to age twelve, the insights and applications connect with dads of all ages and at all stages of fatherhood.

Additionally, the book features a thirty day devotional guide to encourage readers to think about and begin to practice the essentials discussed in the book.


Anonymous Review

I am mesmerized! 
The truth is that this book is so good for anyone- even if the reader is not even a parent! It’s just loaded with wisdom! 
Thank you!!!!!!!!!!!!
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5-Star Amazon Review

This book is a great guide for parents who strive to become Godly examples for their children. While it’s written to dads, it’s applicable to moms too. The examples and stories that the author shares are inspiring for anyone who is involved with children.

Anonymous Review

The format is really clever and helpful, the stories are great.  Hall's humility and warm engaging heart come through - really authentic. 
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